How to Celebrate Diwali Differently Without Firecrackers?

Firecrackers have lost their fire” “The crackers have been fired” “SC busts the firecrackers”. However mindlessly may I try to twist it, it’s happening.

I personally feel that banning the sale of firecracker is a really good move. If not immediately, it’ll surely bear positive effects starting next year’s diwali. In the meantime, we shouldn’t forget how last year the pollution levels were pushed to outright toxic- mostly because of the firecrackers. It is time that we realized that firecrackers don’t stand for the festival of lights.

In this trajectory, I have curated some ideas that will certainly help you enjoy diwali differently, or rather originally, without the firecrackers. So here we go

1.   A better diwali night sky

What’s the sky like on diwali night? Beautiful, full of fireworks right? Now, let me present an alternate diwali sky- one filled with sky lanterns. A sky more beautiful, sans the pyrotechnic pollution.

You can buy sky lanterns in bulk and light the diwali sky with pure, good lights. The best part- you’d spend only a fraction of the cost of fireworks. You can also go the DIY route; they’re very simple to make.

  2.   Ditch the bad lights

Artificial decorative lights kind of cheat Diwali’s original soul. Then why not ditch them in favour of diyas. I know we already use some diyas in ritual. But I’m talking about a Diwali lit exclusively by diyas, like they used to do in the olden days.

So, my suggestion for you is to buy 300- 400 clay diyas, ample liters of til or mustard oil, and decorate your home in the original, sustainable way.

It’s actually sustainable in two ways. Firstly, you’d be directly supporting the struggling cottage pottery industry. Secondly- no fossil fuel derived electricity and electricals.

3.  Compete away to glory

Competitions are fun when they are petty. You can organize a cook off amongst your friends. Or a rangoli competition- that leaves the whole block covered in rangolis. Maybe an attempt at making the biggest sky lantern. There could also be a systemized card game tournament to indulge the adults. Remember that triviality is the key as far as fun competitions go- because the pettier the merrier. How about a karaoke?

4.  Socialize the way

Diwali is a festival. I know everyone knows but over the years, we’ve practically forgotten the whole purpose of festivals. They are supposed to be collective, community celebrations. But modern life has turned them into private occasions for consumption. So, in the spirit of togetherness, why don’t we celebrate this diwali differently with a collective puja in the block, a Diwali block party, and then a collective block dinner

4. Celebrate with the unprivileged

Millions in our country sleep everyday on an empty stomach. Diwali is no different for the unprivileged. Marking the occasion, we should pledge to donate to NGOs working against hunger. By making this pledge, we would be bringing lights into lives of many. This will be a celebration of the true spirit of Diwali.

Here are some NGOs to get you initiated:

The Hunger Project | Fight Hunger Foundation |  Feeding India |  CARE | Akshaya Patra

By Ishita Kumar

Leh Berry Lifestyle Communicator

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