Health Tips to Reverse that Post Diwali Damage.

Yet another joy-filled Diwali has passed. We’re left with more sweet memories and new energy to tackle life. But we’re also left with something that is not so sweet- the abuse that our health has faced over the past few weeks. In this article, I present some good tips to help to get back into your best health.

For the eyes

During the Diwali season, your eyes do suffer because of all the pollution and the harsh, flashy lights. Here are some exercises that can help relieve stress, and rejuvenate eye muscles:

  • Blinking: This restores the lost moisture.
  • Rotating clockwise and anti-clockwise: This exercise stretches the rectus muscles which control eye-ball movements.
  • Headstand or Shoulderstand: Any yoga posture that increases blood flow to you head will help replenish eye strength, and also detoxify them.

Eat foods that are rich in antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin. These prevent eyes from UV damage and also improve vision. Find these in green leafy vegetables, and fruits including apples, cranberries, sea-buckthorns, and oranges.

For Ears

All that noise has given your ears a good beating. You can help your ears regain their lost vitality with these simple yoga exercises:

For the gut

The delicacies, that we gorge on during diwali, are often guilty of not taking care of our digestive system. To restore the balance, you can start by drinking lots of water and fruit juices.

Also, staying away from heavy fats, at least for a while, will help your stomach and liver recuperate. You can blend yourself a detox smoothie with fresh green vegetables and maybe some aloevera juice. Be sure to give at least a week to any new routine before it starts giving results.

For the skin

Pollution and dust has given more damage to your skin over the past few weeks than it does at any other time of the year. To help it rejuvenate, you can start by giving yourself a light massage with coconut, sesame, or olive oil. Do it 15 minutes to half-an-hour before going into shower. Besides providing nourishment, coconut and other similar oils can speed up the healing process after skin damage.

Aloe Vera also helps skin recuperate fast after damage from sunlight and other irritants. Moreover, it makes for a good moisturizer, especially for people with oily skin, with added antibacterial properties.

Exfoliating, once or twice a week, helps get rid of old cells, dirt, and other pollutants that clog pores. It promotes fresh cell growth and helps your skin breathe.

In conclusion, Although these tips seem time bound, they’re actually generally round-the-year beneficial type. This might also be the time to make that health resolution before new year sneaks up.


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