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Why you should drink fruit juice everyday?


We, at Seabuckthorn Beverages have taken up the responsibility of providing the healthiest and tastiest beverages across the globe. By hiking fresh and healthy fruits, we give your body an ultimate wealth of amazing nutrients that you may otherwise miss through out your daily schedule. One of the must haves for a healthy diet, juices make out the best possible way to flood your body with a high dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Juices can do wonders. They can help:

• Your body to absorb more nutrients
• To increase your energy
• Your skin to glow
• Improve your concentration
• Support your immune system
• Increase your antioxidants levels
• You to consume much larger quantities of fruits everyday


Leh Berry brings you the king of berries - Seabuckthorn


We are called Leh Berry because we prepare the juices from handpicked berries from Leh Ladakh. We exclusively source Seabuckthorn berries from the cold regions of Ladakh from almost 9800 feet above the sea level. As the fruits grow under clear ecological conditions, it has accumulated physiological and pharmacological efficient components, beneficial for normal metabolic activities.

Sea Buckthorn is crowned as a ‘Miraculous king of berries’, because it contains abundant amount of vitamin C as compared to any other fruit or vegetable. Packed aseptically for retaining freshness for a longer period of time, our Seabuckthorn juice is precisely natural and pure.

Leh Berry – Goodness of Seabuckthorn in every drop

“LEH BERRY”, a true treasure of nature for those who value good health and spirits. So, you have a reason to smile with this Goldmine of good health. With the power of Seabuckthorn, Leh Berry delivers:

  • right-sinA Low calorie NECTAR – vital for body and soul
  • right-sinA storehouse of vitamins and minerals
  • right-sinAnti-oxidant properties help show down the ageing process
  • right-sinStrengthens your immune system and improves your metabolism
  • right-sinFights the common cold
  • right-sinLowers cholesterol levels and helps control a heart condition


Goodness of Seabuckthorn

Leh Berry Fun Facts


  • right-sinOur team has been a constant learner. We learnt and learnt more about Seabuckthorn and then we researched about it. We are pretty sure this is one of the best and the healthiest things which can happen to our body.


  • right-sinOur tetra packs are so hygienic and strong that after you consume your juice, you can cut them to make interesting flower pots ;-).


  • right-sinWe aim to generate a lot of traffic on our website where in we have a testimonials section. You can write in to us at rishav.sahu@golehberry.com to get your testimonial published on our website :-).


  • right-sinOur society is becoming health conscious day by day. They all would like to prefer juices than other carbonated drinks. So, keep the sufficient juice stock in your refrigerators.