When mom is not around.

Just the thought of it brings chills to the very existence of our comfortable and healthy life.

But what if in a not so perfect world your mom decides that she needs a break, break from keeping unwanted diseases at bay and feeding you with wholesome meals, so you could process without any fail?

It would have been a nightmare and in a haphazard you would run towards the knight in the freezing armour- your refrigerator. Of course to all the cold storage food and dines. And then in the same not so perfect world your mom made a perfect healthy choice for you before leaving for a vacation with other moms.

Surprise! Surprise! Your saviour is here, the one only juice that is the most trusted “adult sitter” your mom could have ever appointed for you, Leh Berry’s Seabuckthorn.   

Well nothing can replace your mom but when she’s not around this is what will keep you healthy, don’t know about wealthy but definitely fit and fine.

Wondering how?

Wonder berry is here to the rescue.

History is an evident evidence that seabuckthorn- also known as the wonder berry has curated a list of magnificent miracles berried by it’s consumption. From Greek myth of being Pegasus- the flying horse’s super food to Genghis Khan powering his army and their horses on seabuckthorn for stamina and recovery from combat.

The legend says and believes that if not for this wonder berry the world would have not discovered a healthy style of living.

Following the legend and continuing with the legendary taste and facets of Leh Berry’s Seabuckthorn let’s us put a light on why Mother is and has always been right about her choices.

In the modern age where health has become a prime concern for not just elders but even for the young blood, Seabuckthorn with its vital benefits is resting on our shelves as a blessing in disguise. This fruit grows in the higher ranges of Himalayan Mountains, which makes it a source of rich nutrition. It is here, under the extreme conditions of high altitude, direct exposure to the sun, severe cold, scorching heat, and dry, that this plant becomes a wonder fruit. It is exceptionally life giving and enhances both health and beauty.

Keep slurping the wow and let us tell you how:

Did we miss out on anything?

Oh yes! And it also slows the ageing process. Well it’s not called a wonder berry just to sound cool, defying all odds it is actually berry cool.

With a berrysaurus list of benefits it also offers the most crucial and essential vitamins and minerals to help you revitalize with every sip of this finest Leh Berry juice.

It is a berrytastic combination of:

Now, with all the health benefits your mom is also very mindful about your taste. So keeping up with her and your taste buds Leh Berry made sure that you not just taste health but also relish the taste of handpicked fruits and flavors. We peel the luscious mangoes, source the juiciest lychees, squeeze the tastiest oranges, blend the finest guavas, pluck the best cranberries and juice the richest Seabuckthorns, just for you. So, next time even when mom is not around don’t you worry for we have got your glass filled with all the good and wow.

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