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Seabuckthorn is a small thorny nitrogen fixing deciduous temperate shrub. Grows under clear ecological conditions & thus, has accumulated Physiological & Pharmacological efficient components, beneficial for normal metabolic activities.

This temperate bush belongs to the family  Elaeagnaceae and is botanically known as  Hippophae. It is a dwarf to tall (3-15 ft high),much branched, thorny shrub. The plant is dioecious in nature, i.e., it bears male and female flowers on different plants. Flowering generally occurs in June and ripening sets in by mid-September.

Seabuckthorn Fruit is a unique fruit endowed with rare food qualities and can be used for a variety of food, beverage, skin care and pharmaceutical products .

The juice of this fruit acts not only as an energizer and a tonic for lighting cold and altitude sickness, but also has medicinal properties of lowering cholesterol, controlling blood pressure, building up resistance against cancer, impeding ageing and improving memory.

Multivitamin Drinks The Seabuckthorn fruit is a reservoir of good health: a general tonic and energizer that keeps the entire body metabolism in  good order and fights the common Cold.
Seabuckthorn It improves body immunity especially against diseases like cancer and coronary heart disease
Seabuckthorn Juice Strengthens memory.
Orange Juice Helps in proper functioning of the liver.
Healthy beverage Good for the nervous system;
wonder fruit Combats ageing related ailments being anti-ageing & anti-oxidant
Healthy juice companies in India Controls blood pressure and reduces the risk of coronary heart disease.
top juice companies in India Improves micro-circulation of blood capillaries and nourishes skin and hair.
Juice companies in India Lowers the level of cholesterol.

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