In this day and age, we all have our priorities marked out and the world right out of our doorsteps demands a different person from us altogether. In this rat race of sorts, it becomes extremely difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle, leave alone getting proper sleep. This has become the sad reality of our lives and it requires to be fixed. One could bring about certain changes in their lifestyle to be able to cope with this fast pace. But remember to let things gather their own pace. Start small and build from there.

Here we will mention three ways through which you can rejuvenate your body and mind:

  • Nutrition

It is extremely important to take care of our food intakes and I’m sure, if one makes some efforts for it, nutrition is achievable. Fill up on iron, since a deficiency can cause fatigue and depression. Keep the energy high by eating oatmeal, lentils, and lean meat. One should also eat meals instead of snacking all day. 3 proper meals are enough to keep one going throughout the day and also helps in ignoring unnecessary binging. No matter how busy and stressed your schedule is, always take time out for a breather and make sure you eat mindfully. Include a lot of fruits and juices into your diet and try to avoid oily food as much as possible.

  • Fitness

Busy schedules often mean there is no time for exercise. However, exercise for just 20 minutes a day and it will still be beneficial. Short bursts of high intensity training will turn out to be more helpful than making plans for the gym. If you still don’t have the time, try walking as much as possible. Get off at the stop before your workplace and try walking to the office. Wear a Fitbit if necessary to feel productive!

  • Wellness

A healthy mind leads to a healthy soul. Do not leave out on wellness just to get your work done. Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water to keep you energized, focused and full. Try meditating before bed, even if it’s just for five minutes. Your body needs to be calmed to wind you down for a better night of sleep. Also, turn off your tech before you go to sleep. If something is important, it will find a way to reach you.  Take a vacation once in a while to keep your system running and modified. Learn to let go, at the end of the day.

It is always possible to get the best of both worlds, work and health, if you work your way around it. The impact that these changes can have on your body is worth the effort that you make. If you act on it now, there will be no regrets tomorrow. Think smart, think for today and worship your body, it is not less than a temple. It is all a give and take relationship. Give your body what it needs and it will give you what you need in return.

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